Being Heartfelt and Persistent

So it's been a while since my last blog and that is due to me really fixing up the website. I really didn't utilize it to its full potential and I'm slowly going to get there as I keep changing and adding in some new features. But today I want to talk to you all... Continue Reading →


Mental Illness

What is weighing on my heart right now is the issue of mental illness. Most times it's something that is never spoken about or just pushed aside. And for good reason such topics make people uncomfortable and rather unsure, of what to do or act around someone who has some type of mental problem. One... Continue Reading →

Fugishi Yugi

I have been away for so long. Busy with job searching and other projects that I have gotten into to keep myself busy. But I am back with a blog. I hopefully will be releasing a blog every Sunday and Wednesday. So today we are taking a look an anime which is one of my... Continue Reading →

Tsukiuta The Animation

Hello my loveies its your girl Poh and I'm back with an anime review. Over the December holiday I had the opportunity to watch an Idol Anime. Which I wasn't aware was an actual genre. Which is awesome because I could relate to it pretty well being a lover of KPOP. This anime follows the... Continue Reading →


Hello my lovely people. It's Poh and I just wanted to share my thanks and Happy New Year wishes to you all in 2019. Thank you for making 2018 a great year and for finding the content I create interesting enough to follow me. So, I wanted to share a list of some things that... Continue Reading →

Just a Thought

I haven't shared a post in a while and that's partly due to me not remembering to write and having anything to share. Though after watching a certain movie (Langhe Mau Nang - Japanese 2018 movie) I was struck with the need to share my immediate thoughts and feelings so here it goes. We each... Continue Reading →


In this month of reflection I took a bit of time to see what lessons work had taught me, since this was my first experience at a paying job.  And now I wanted to talk or reflect on something that was more personal and that would be my role as a sister and weather I... Continue Reading →

Body Image

Everyone has insecurities about their body and things they want to fix. As for me my body image issues or lack of body confidence came about as I got older. During high school I never bothered much because school activities kept me busy and active, so I neve really saw my body as an issue.... Continue Reading →

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